nothing,nowhere. Shares His Snowboarding Playlist

Ahead of the release of TRAUMA FACTORY, the Vermont-based artist lists 11 tracks he shreds slopes to.

You get a little bit of everything with a nothing,nowhere. release—his pre-album single “lights (4444),” for example, feels pulled from the SoundCloud rap scene while incorporating the tender warmth of an indie group like Hovvdy, while elsewhere on his new album TRAUMA FACTORY he leans into radio pop sounds (“upside down”) and nostalgia for the emo and hard rock of his youth. It’s a dizzying blend of influence that seems to become more normalized as genres continue to fold into each other, while remaining a style all his own.

All these various influences also pop up in the playlist he made for us inspired by his interest in snowboarding. The ten tracks he compiled have served as an audio accompaniment over the years as he hits the slopes, from the nostalgic sounds of CKY and Alexisonfire, to contemporary bangers by Playboi Carti and Show Me the Body, to all-timers by Fleetwood Mac and Failure, to the cool indie of Hovvdy—plus one essential new wave track courtesy of The Agnes Circle. Hear the full playlist below, and anticipate TRAUMA FACTORY out tomorrow.

Sunny Day Real Estate, “In Circles”

This song makes me feel spaced out in the best way. I like to pretend iPhones and the internet don’t exist when it’s on, it brings me back to a simpler time. 

Alexisonfire, “The Kennedy Curse”

When I was younger I would drive up to Vermont and New Hampshire to snowboard and occasionally compete on the weekends. I used to have this record on repeat on my Discman. Makes me feel like a kid. 

Failure, “Saturday Saviour”

Super underrated band. This song is a big vibe, it’s the best to just hit some woods trails and go mad fast while this is playing.  

CKY, “Disengage the Simulator”

Nostalgia is very much my brand. Again, this one reminds me of being a kid watching Jackass, hopped up on Mountain Dew. 

The Agnes Circle, “Porcelain”

Everyone needs a new wave song on their playlist. Them’s the rules. 

James Ivy feat. Instupendo, “Yearbook”

This song is so perfect. It blends an early ’00 sound with a new experimental/electronic twist so well. Unreal. 

Fleetwood Mac, “Everywhere” 

This song makes me smile. Makes me wanna stare at the sky and smile some more. 

Playboi Carti, “F33l Lik3 Dyin”

I feel like dyinggggggg. The beat makes me feel like I’m in space. 

Show Me The Body, “Drought”

One of the best and weirdest projects out. So heavy. 

Hovvdy, “Ruin (my ride)”

This one feels like the credits to a ’90s coming of age movie. Big serotonin. 

Time Spent Driving, “Leaving”

One of my all-time favorite bands. I found them when I was super young while playing Amped Freestyle Snowboarding on Xbox. It’s only right I still listen to them while I ride.


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