Adult Mom Shares a Playlist of Influences for Their New LP “Driver”

Stevie Knipe lists a dozen tracks that helped shape their latest LP, which drops this Friday on Epitaph.

It’s been an, uh, interesting year and change for Stevie Knipe, but the songwriter behind Adult Mom is finally ready to release their follow-up to 2017’s Soft Spots this week on their new label home of Epitaph Records. Over the course of Diver’s ten songs, Knipe’s relaxed lyrics and wide range of instrumental accompaniment—spanning from a twanging steel guitar sound on the opening song to intimate keyboard and a minimal drumbeat opening mid-album track “Sober”—contrasts starkly with a lot of the emotionally charged imagery evoked in their lyrics concerning the post-coming-of-age confusion of navigating romance as a “gender-weird” queer.

With Driver‘s tracks bundled cozily together by their common barroom feel, it comes as no surprise that the list of influences cited by Knipe for the project ranges from the pop-country of Lucinda Williams to the proto-hyper-pop of Carly Rae Jepsen. Ahead of Diver’s release date this Friday, Knipe took the time to collect these influences into a playlist spelling out their inspiration for the project. You can listen to that below, and read on to see what Knipe had to say about each track.

Driver arrives March 5 via Epitaph—you can pre-order it here.

The Weakerthans, “A New Name for Everything”

Being one of my most favorite bands, I always try to pull from The Weakerthans. This song in particular makes wonderful use of the slide guitar. 

Lucinda Williams, “Drunken Angel” 

If I’m thinking about frank and upfront songwriters, Lucinda Williams is one of my favorites. I love this tragic tale and her voice. 

Carly Rae Jepsen, “Never Get to Hold You”

CRJ is the moment and the future of pop music, and I am endlessly in love with her writing and hooks. 

Suzanne Vega, “Headshots” 

Suzanne Vega is another incredible songwriter whose production I admire. I wanted to take from this song sonically. 

Regina Spektor, “Dance Anthem of The 80’s” 

I owe a ton to Regina Spektor, who I share an alma matter with! 

Taylor Swift, “I Almost Do” 

Swiftie forever and ever, I couldn’t not include a Taylor song because she’s always my inspo. 

Paramore, “Pool”

I often cited this Paramore record for guitar riff and drum beat references! 

Sheryl Crow, “Subway Ride” 

I’m obsessed with the groove and bass line of this song. 

R.E.M., “Man on the Moon”

Michael Stipe says “Yeah” a lot of times in this song, and I was going to attempt to one up him, but I’ll try next time around. 

Tegan and Sara, “Not Tonight” 

Originally, this is moreso what “Berlin” sounded like. Much slower and stripped back. 

R.E.M., “Me in Honey” 

I accidentally copied this riff and had to rewrite the entire song. 

Vampire Weekend, “I Think Ur a Contra” 

This is one of my favorite melodic moments from Vampire Weekend.


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