Watch Damian Abraham Visit His Heaven on Earth as He Browses Bryan Ray Turcotte’s Personal Punk Archive

Episode 7 of “Punk as Fuck” pairs Abraham with the author and punk culture archivist among Turcotte’s collection of memorabilia.

It seems like with every successive episode of “Punk as Fuck,” the excitement level rises—this isn’t by design, but the seventh and most recent episode sees Fucked Up frontman and series host Damian Abraham immediately losing his mind upon arriving at punk culture archivist Bryan Ray Turcotte’s extremely vast personal collection of flyers, t-shirts, and other punk memorabilia. “Very few people in their lifetime will visit their heaven on earth—today, I’ve gotten to do that” Abraham proclaims in the video before his vocal register begins to rise with every new discovery of another piece of merch belonging to Turcotte, author of punk literature staples Fucked Up + Photocopied, Punk Is Dead, Punk Is Everything, and Punk Shirts.

Once Turcotte is finally able to pull Abraham away from the collection—and before Abraham insists, at the end of the video, that they return to browsing more items upstairs—the pair cover topics familiar to the series, such as Turcotte’s introduction to punk and assimilation to the scene. Watch the full video below, and revisit past episodes of the series here.


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