Grouplove Reimagines TV Test Pattern Bars on “Deadline”

The single is a precursor to their surprise album This Is This, out Friday.

Grouplove have always been a band that’s embraced vibrant hues; their breakout single from several years ago is titled “Colours.” Since then, it seems not much has changed. Although the group relocated from Los Angeles to Atlanta, with four albums under their belt, the five-piece are still making punchy, bright guitar-based pop songs. Their latest is “Deadline,” off their forthcoming album This Is This, which is (surprise!) out this Friday. “Deadline” speaks of burnout and the frustration that comes from losing oneself. “I’m trying to find a way back to where I began,” goes one of the track’s most powerful lines.

“We hope this album gives people the permission to fucking scream or headbang or punch walls,” the band shared in a press statement. “It’s important to stay emotional. The whole rainbow is important. If we just live in the light blues, are we really alive? I’m not. I need to feel it all.”

The video that goes along with “Deadline” pokes fun at the SMPTE color bars—that rainbow that comes up on your TV when its colors need to be adjusted. Covered in glitter and gems, each band member takes on a color while they jam inside the television. It looks like they’re having a grand ole time. Watch the video below.


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