Nick Cave Would Be Happy With an Elvis-Themed Funeral

Queue “Kentucky Rain” for Caves service.

Through his site the Red Hand Files, fans can ask Nick Cave a variety of questions. The latest post comes from Doug in Aberdeen, Scotland, who shared that his father who passed away recently had an Elvis-themed funeral. His casket was decorated with lyrics and photos of the Graceland legend and, while at the ceremony, the family listened to a bunch of Elvis songs. Doug finished his post by asking what songs Cave would want played at his funeral? Cave’s reply:

Dear Doug,

I was very moved by your letter. Im sure your dad would have been very happy with his Elvis themed funeral. Thinking about it, I would be very happy with one too — to be ushered into the next world by the voice of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll singer of them all. Kentucky Rain, thats what Id like, Kentucky Rain and How Great Thou Art — Elvis singing gospel, with heaven and all its angels listening. It was a lovely thing to do for your dad. Sounds like you did a great job.

Much love to you and hang in there.

Love, Nick

A truly earnest response. Note also Cave’s controversial take that Elvis is “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll singer of them all.” Personally, I’m really bad with superlatives so I don’t know how to counteract that opinion. Nonetheless, Presley had an unforgettable croon. Listen to “Kentucky Rain” and “How Great Thou Art” below.


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