Brockhampton Vomit Up Danny Brown in the Video for New Track “BUZZCUT”

The gang is back with their first official release in a while.

There was a time when boyband-meets-artist-collective Brockhampton were dropping albums every few months. In 2017, they released the Saturation saga and then slowed their process by releasing only one major full-length the next couple years. Their latest song, “BUZZCUT,” which features your favorite screwball rap wizard Danny Brown, is the first official release we’ve had from the crew in nearly two years.

Directed by Kevin Abstract and Dan Streit, the track’s video finds the group beating each other up among a trippy regurgitation of colors and swirling effects. At one point a long-haired, healthy-bearded Joba vomits up Danny Brown, and well, Brown starts rapping.

The group have been through a lot over the years since skyrocketing to public acclaim in 2017. Recently, they’ve been working with Shia LeBeouf (ohh) and producer Rick Rubin. But big names aside, “BUZZCUT” finds them back in their hyped, provocative mode similar to 2019’s “Boy Bye.” On “BUZZCUT,” Abstract raps about the injustice of the court system for putting his cousin in jail, references his ignorance when signing a major label deal, and questions god’s identity for himself and others. Hopefully, “BUZZCUT” is the beginning of another invigorating era for the group, the first of many well-produced, catchy hits.

Watch the chaos below.


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