Brad Sucks Enlists Jason Lytle for the Grandaddy-esque “In It to Win It”

The single arrives head of the Ottawa rocker’s first album in nearly a decade.

As if the robotic pep talk that is “In It to Win It” wasn’t uplifting enough, the latest single from Brad Sucks’ first album since 2012, A New Low in Hi-Fi, is the story of inspiration, mortification, and redemption. With its Grandaddy vibes, the mumblecore indie-pop single was an excuse to mend bridges with the indietronica icons after a perceived ill-fated first impression with vocalist Jason Lytle.

Grandaddy’s been one of my favorite bands since I heard The Sophtware Slump long ago and Jason’s been a huge inspiration for me ever since,” shares Brad Turcotte. “I wrote ‘In It to Win It’ and thought it had a bit of a Grandaddy vibe and fantasized about the idea of getting Jason’s voice on it but was too embarrassed to try and ask him.

“Jason and I interacted a few times publicly on Twitter,” he continues, “and then some fan of mine was an asshole to him and for a minute I thought Jason was mad at me and I had a panic attack so I DM’d him to apologize and he was super nice. I then cruelly exploited that niceness by pitching the song to him and he was super kind and wonderful.”

“I really really like this song…but unfortunately the joke is on Brad,” Lytle adds. “Turns out I was mad at him and his dumb fan for that thing that was said on Twitter and I vowed to do what I could to sabotage him if I ever got the chance. Lo and behold a year or so later I’m working on a song of Brad’s he asked me to help out on. Here is the joke part: You know that saying ‘the Midas Touch?’ Like, “That guy has the Midas Touch.” Well…I have “the Primer touch.” Like shitty early ’80s Honda Civic painted primer touch. All my collaborations go nowhere…do nothing…fade…rust…disappear. I’m sorry Brad. Good luck with all of the songs I had nothing to do with…but you know where this one is headed.”

Hear the result of this touching kismet below.


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