Tiberius b Wants to Silence the Alarm Bells on Gorgeous Debut Single “No Smoke”

The newest signing to Mark Ronsons Zelig Records has an EP coming this spring.

On “No Smoke,” the London-based singer and producer’s debut single for Zelig Records,  Tiberius b‘s brain takes the place of an anxious fire alarm. Their worrisome thoughts and cautious demeanor find them seemingly at odds with their internal security system. “Why do I find love like this so disarming,” goes the chorus, paired with a downbeat, tinny electric guitar. Repetitive hi-hat hits fester in the background as Tiberius b sings of not belonging and a longing to silence the stressful alerts when there’s “no smoke, no fire.” Their voice ranges from soulful sighs to rich dips in breath, a similar quality to rising artist Arlo Parks. Even when their harmonies at the end of “No Smoke” start to take on a ringing alarm’s qualities, there’s a soothing sense of self-awareness.

For the track’s accompanying video, Tiberius b rides a bike on a desolate path, later incorporating minimal choreography. They explained the visual’s inspiration: “When I was a kid my dad told me that a bike represented freedom. He was a passionate cyclist, and I grew a similar affinity to cycling as I grew up. In 2016 I got run over by a van on my way to work and was hospitalized, I got 17 stitches in my leg. That instance ended up changing the course of my life, as the settlement I received gave me the means to travel and subsequently move to London. I have never been afraid of biking since my accident, and often dance on my bike on my way home at night when the roads are clear. I told my cousin Lydia about this music video idea and she choreographed the dance for me. The video mirrors the song being vulnerable, but lucid and emboldened at the same time.”

Their debut EP Stains, which draws influence from Portishead, Massive Attack, and Blur, is coming this spring. Watch “No Smoke” below.


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