Jack Black, Fred Armisen, Tony Hawk, and the Goodyear Blimp Want You to Celebrate Devo Day

The trailblazing new wave group is nominated for Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction this year.

Today is April Fool’s Day, and it’s also Devo Day in Akron, Ohio. The industrial electronic group, known for their bright headwear, has been eligible for Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction since 2003, and like many other equally deserving groups, the antiquated institution hasn’t recognized them as worthy of such a title. So today, on the official Devo Day in Akron, Ohio, many are calling to #DEVOTE for the rock group. Who specifically? Well, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan, Jack Black, Fred Armisen, Tony Hawk, and the Goodyear Blimp. Can a blimp vote? I have no idea, but seems unlikely!

Anyway, there appears to be a lot of skepticism from the local paper about Devo Day. But the music blogs are claiming that there are “fifty energy dome sculptures inspired by the band’s signature red hats, made out of recycled tires and featuring QR codes linking to a fan vote website, will ‘mysteriously appear’ throughout the city of the course of the next month.”

Anyway, Armisen put it best when he said that Devo captured an audience that hadn’t been addressed before: Nerds and outsiders. And, well, Nerds rock!


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