On “Nothing Personal,” Miynt Chronicles an Enigmatic, Itchy Mind

The latest single from the Swedish singer follows last years “A Bite of Papaya.”

Some of the loneliest hours are the ones late at night, where one’s prepared for sleep, and their thoughts keep them up like unsatisfied mosquito bites waiting to be scratched. On “Nothing Personal,” the latest single from Stockholm’s Miynt, thoughts collide with perceived voices of others as she’s trying to catch some shut-eye. It’s unknown what’s at the center of the singer’s restless night, but that’s part of the song’s allure. As “Nothing Personal” builds with gritted electric guitars and a ringing of an irritated train horn, Miynt captures the mystery of a mind focused on a sublime past. “And I know it’s not personal / But I still can’t sleep / It was all so beautiful,” she sings.

Since 2015, Miynt has consistently been dropping singles, leading to 2019’s album Stay on Your Mind. She’s fit into ominous pop soundscapes with buzzing guitar and eerie lyrics. Her last single “A Bite of Papaya” was a glinting mirror ball of dreamy piano plucks and a disco-indebted percussion. Miynt is eager to journey different genre terrain, but “Nothing Personal” feels like one of her strongest tracks yet. A muffled drumbeat is paired with hearty acoustic guitar strums; fuzzy synths and windy wooing sounds add volume to the chorus as she sings, “Why don’t you want to / Walking right through you.” Miynt produces the song’s space masterfully, giving her vocals—which have Feist’s fragility and a similar quality to Lykke Li’s haziness—ample room to maneuver the wild west-like instrumentation.

As to how “Nothing Personal” fits in with what comes next from the skilled singer? “Well it fits quite well I would say, there will be more guitars and distorted vocals, but also some more groovy tracks. My only mission on this next record is to not name any song after a fruit. We’ll see how that goes.”

Listen to “Nothing Personal” below. Also, it’s Bandcamp Friday, so, buy her music!


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