Hushpuppy Reminds Us That Opposites Attract on “I’m at Home with You”

Sad13 drummer Zoë Brecher’s remastered solo debut arrives April 23 on Babe City Records.

If it wasn’t apparent before, the pandemic has certainly drawn a distinct dividing line between homebodies and folks who are more extroverted. It’s even been a bit awkward for those of us capable of holing up without much human contact for months on end to keep turning down invitations from sociable peers to attempt gatherings that couldn’t possibly be as distanced as they’re advertised. Though “I’m at Home with You”—the latest single to be shared from Hushpuppy’s reconfigured 2016 LP Singles Club—reminds us that this disparity will continue beyond the pandemic, it’s also a reminder that it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

“I wrote ‘I’m at Home with You’ for my girlfriend at the time and it’s about a romantic relationship between an introvert and an extrovert,” shares Zoë Brecher, who’s spent much of her time since originally releasing the album playing drums for Sad13, Kalbells, and the rapper Sammus. “As an introvert, I like staying inside in the comfort of my home. But dating someone who is the opposite doesn’t have to affect the relationship negatively. In fact, the point of the song is that because of love, no matter where the introvert goes, they feel at home and safe if they’re with their partner.”

Though remastered, “At Home” still possesses the humming qualities of the original lo-fi recording, providing two minutes of muted yet passionate slacker pop. “I originally recorded this on GarageBand in my Hell’s Kitchen apartment in 2016. It’s an extra-special song to me because I performed it at my sister’s wedding, although I changed some of the lyrics. Love comes in many forms, which is what all of my songs are about.”

Hear the track below.



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