On “Changephobia,” Rostam Reminds Us Not to Avoid Our Feelings

Batmanglij’s sophomore album of the same name is out June 4 via Matsor Projects.

Fear of the unknown or anxiety about the lack of control can lead to worse consequences than one’s initial dread. This is the core idea on Rostam‘s latest single “Changephobia.” Over a steady, skipping drumbeat and a drowsy electric guitar, the producer wonders why a pivot to self-destruction or avoidance is the go-to move when life is leading us a certain way. His voice is airy and wistful as he asks during the chorus, “Was it just changephobia / That made you scared / Of the future in front of ya?”

This is the fourth single and title track we’ve gotten from Batmanglij’s upcoming sophomore album. The track also features saxophonist Henry Solomon, adding a breeze of baritone brass to remind us that change is as constant as the air we breathe. 

“‘Changephobia’ was one of the last songs I finished writing for this album,” Rostam shared in a statement. “The chorus came to me sitting at the piano in my living room; I spent weeks picking up and putting down ideas for the verses. One day I sat down with an acoustic guitar, feeling close to giving up on the song altogether: all of a sudden a new melody, a new feeling, and new words came out of me and I felt like I could be honest with myself about what I wanted to say. The song ‘Changephobia’ is partly about something we can all be guilty of, avoiding our own feelings. I think of it as a reminder not to.”

Listen to the track below.


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