Ron Gallo Offers Sports Their First Remix Job with Their Take on “CAN WE STILL BE FRIENDS”

The Oklahoman “band of wizards” rework the track from Gallo’s recent LP PEACEMEAL.

With his latest release PEACEMEAL not too far in the rearview, genre denier Ron Gallo’s latest release sees one of that record’s standout tracks rejuvenated at the hands of Oklahoma ensemble Sports. With the original song proving a vibey, downtempo, near-rapped tune, Sports’ take on the track borders on hyperpop, with Gallo’s vocals reaching a gec-esque pitch over the reworked, thumping instrumental. 

“We’d never even attempted to do a remix before, so it was cool of Ron to give us the chance to find out what a Sports remix sounds like,” the band’s Cale Chronister shares. “We love this song and we knew almost immediately that we wanted to speed it up quite a bit, which pushed the rest of the mix to where it is. It was a lot of fun and we’re ready to do it again.”

Hear the first of hopefully many Sports remixes below.


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