fanclubwallet Overcomes Noisy Thoughts and a Begrudging Band-Aid on “C’mon Be Cool”

The Ottawa-based musicians debut EP Hurt Is Boring is scheduled for May 14.

Somehow (maybe TikTok?) I came across Hannah Judge’s viral song “Car Crash In G Major” and immediately became enamored with the candid lyricism, punchy guitar melodies, and overly chill vocal delivery; it’s as if an artist embodied the sound of Sheryl Crow’s sunny single with diaristic utterances. Under the name fanclubwallet, Judge’s music is earnest bedroom pop that borders on the begrudged line of being whimsical. You might understand what I mean after watching her latest video for new single “C’mon Be Cool.” In leu of technological visual effects, she uses a Post-It note stuck to her phone as an anxious reminder that “Everybody hates you.” Later, she lies in bed, simple illustrations dance around her as she sings about social media meanness, impulsive thoughts, and generalized anxiety and depression.

Over a skipping drum machine beat and roundabout bass plucking, fanclubwallet sings about growing her hair out to muffle the noise from her thoughts, clinging to a Band Aid for an eventually annoying amount of time, and not leaving her bed for months. In the end, “C’mon Be Cool” isn’t a cure for gloomy weathered minds, but a reminder to spread compassion.

Judge said in a statement about the song’s theme: “I feel like a lot of people might have felt this way during the pandemic. You’re isolated, your life has changed so much in a year, and you realize that maybe everyone else’s lives have not changed in the same manner.”

fanclubwallet’s debut EP Hurt Is Boring was a result of Judge being bedridden for ten months after a Crohn’s disease flare-up. Curbing her boredom ending up being the right time to create her debut EP, which is out May 14. In the meantime, watch “C’mon Be Cool” below.


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