The Shins Announce 20th Anniversary Edition of “Oh, Inverted World”

20 copies of the reissue will carry 7"x7" photos of the band signed by James Mercer.

Many, many moons ago, a 2004 independent film directed by a sit-com lead introduced the world to The Shins in a sort of cinematic meet-cute. In reality though, the “indie band” from Albuquerque, New Mexico released their debut album Oh, Inverted World three years earlier. Now, twenty years later, the group is celebrating their breakthrough album with a remastered version on fancy blue-swirled vinyl. If you’re not into that, you can also get it on black vinyl, CD, or cassette.

“This record gave me the life that I never really dreamed I would have,” said vocalist James Mercer. “It opened me up to the whole world and gave me validation. It’s also something that stands as a bit of a pinnacle for our band. You release that first record and it’s so well embraced, but you’re always trying to get that magic back, I think. We’ve done well, certainly, but the fervor that happened around Oh, Inverted World we never quite reached again. It’s a special moment when you’re a new band and you’ve got what was apparently kind of a new sound. This record symbolized a very special moment in my life, a watershed moment for sure.”

If the swirly blue vinyl wasn’t enticing enough, there will be 20 copies of anniversary edition that hold a “golden ticket,” a.k.a 7″x7″ classic photo of the band signed by Mercer. Ten editions of blue swirly vinyl will have a ticket, as well as ten of the black vinyl. Pre-order it here.


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