Greentea Peng Shares Manifesto for Debut Album, Journeys to Another Realm on “Kali V2”

The single celebrating the “burning of the old and the rising of the new” arrives ahead of Man Made, out June 4.

Psychedelic songwriter Greentea Peng broke out in 2019 with her hit “Downers.” Since then, she’s released several singles and an EP titled Rising. Today, she announces her anticipated debut album Man Made and shares another single “Kali V2.”

Upheld by an ’80s-influenced, heavy-hitting drumbeat, “Kali V2” questions the false truths that continue to oppress generations. Her delivery is smooth and teeters on resolute spoken word. “Rid this land free of rotten crown,” goes one line. “Can’t contribute to the lies.” In the accompanying video by ABOVEGROUND, Peng is washed in deep reds and military attire, traversing a twilit landscape. Peng said that the song is about the “burning of the old and the rising of the new.”

She also shared a manifesto attached to the album:

“MAN MADE- an exploration of self and sound. A product of shifting paradigms both inner and outer.

An ULTRA SONIC TRIP. This album is an offering of healing, a provocation of Hu Man spirit soul.

Out of tune with the industry and in tune with the universe, this is a 432hrz production.

Deliberately detuned out of any Babylon standard! It is to be felt…like a buzzing bee, in one’s chest. A VIBRATION. A jambalaya of expression, this project fits no genre, not to be digested easily by everyone.

However for those occupying the same space right now, upholding the frequency at such a transformative and challenging moment in time…I trust THIS SOUND will find you.

Dedicated and inspired  by the late Jimtastic, join me and my boys as we travel the Sonicsphere on the way back to centre, through the depths of apathy and the heights of interconnection through surrender…

I offer you MAN MADE.”

Pre-order Man Made here and watch “Kali V2” below.




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