Bravado Becomes a Kind of Armor for Paris Texas on Latest Single “Force of Habit”

The Los Angeles duos debut project Boy Anonymous is out May 14.

A couple months ago, duo Paris Texas released “Heavy Metal,” along with a striking video that felt nearly as captivating as when Tyler dropped “Yonkers.” Now, they’ve dropped their third single, following March’s “Situations,” and announced their debut project, Boy Anonymous, which is due out May 14.

Louie Pastel and Felix’s latest song “Force of Habit” sews together a funky backbeat, stiff post-punk drums, and slender rap delivery. It’s another solid example of the Los Angeles duo swerving between elements of hardness in various genres—rock’s electric guitar distortion, deadpan vocal delivery, and zombified drumming. During the bridge, a grungy fog clears, high-pitched, hoarse vocals sing: “Nothing lasts forever / Keep trying, keep trying / ‘Til we run out of time.” They take turns rapping about the exhausting, often bleak reality of constantly grinding to survive. In a way, “Force of Habit” cites bravado as a defense mechanism—it forces one to keep moving, making money, and pursuing a passion until, hopefully, one day it’s not a struggle anymore.

The song’s music video is equally as masterful, flipping between dizzying effects and attractive black-and-white filtering. Watch below, and pre-order Boy Anonymous here.


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