Native Sun Engage in Cult Rituals in Their Video for New Single “Jesus”

The Brooklyn rockers present their latest stoner-rock single ahead of their planned April 21 gig at The Sultan Room.

This morning, the heavy rockers in Native Sun are announcing a live, in-person, open-air gig at The Sultan Room in a way that will excite more than just the lucky folks attending the show: the news arrives with a massive, stoned-out single juggling equally heavy subject matter. The mercilessly crashing guitars on “Jesus” soundtrack the band’s agnostic lyrics in a way that recalls Ty Segall’s noisiest period fit with the lyrics of David Bazan.

“[It’s] a contemplation of the nuances and duplicity of faith the individual confronts that diverts from what’s been forcefully instilled upon us from birth,” the band shares of the track’s subject matter. “First conceived during a disorienting experience of tuning out, an attempt through paranoia to comprehend what faith means to each of us while not fixating on the religious connotations of the word that have been utilized to manipulate society. Instead how can we adapt its meaning to represent each of us without conformity, while turning it on it’s head & dismantling past connotations for self-empowerment.”

The single also arrives with some appropriately satanic imagery—the video features plenty of robes, rites, and nude dudes crawling around in some filthy water. Brace yourself, and—assuming you won’t be experiencing it live next week, presumably without the naked guy in the water part, possibly with the ritual stuff—watch the video below.


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