Fyre Fest Victims Could Receive $7,220 for Insanely Bad Festival Experience

$7k should honestly only cover damages resulting from those sandwiches.

It’s kind of pathetic that we’re still posting news about Fyre Fest—but here we are, still feeding into this saga four years later and pointing out that our justice system is making more progress with 277 extremely wealthy ticket holders that were scammed by fest founder Billy McFarland than, say, creating gun reform or getting rid of cops.

Anyway, it’s been reported that there’s been some leeway made with the $100 million class action lawsuit filed by Mark Geragos a few years ago. According the Billboard, the fest’s victims will receive $7,220, depending on the Fest’s situation with other creditors. (I guess that kind of sucks if you had 13 grand to spare for the fest’s unbelievable VIP suit.) There will be a vote on May 13 to approve the lawsuit settlement.

Last we heard of McFarland, who is serving a six-year sentence, he was put in solitary confinement for being featured on a podcast called “Dumpster Fyre.” Guy can’t catch a break—nor should he.


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