Beach Bunny Recruit Tegan and Sara for New Version of “Cloud 9”

Along with the revamped closer from the groups 2020 debut album Honeymoon, the sisters joined Lili Trifilio for a chat.

Beach Bunny‘s “Cloud 9,” a highlight from their 2020 debut album Honeymoon, has gotten a new jolt of life with an assist from Tegan and Sara. “We’re massive fans of Beach Bunny, and when we heard ‘Cloud 9′ for the first time fell in love with the brilliant lyrics and addictive melody,” they shared in a statement. “We love that Lili was up to let us experiment with changing the pronoun in the chorus to she. The efforts made to make the song relatable to everyone, isn’t just about inclusivity, we think it’s a great indication of the flexibility and creative spirit of the band at its core.”

“Cloud 9” is a sharp love song about how, even when everything around you is going to shit, the affection and attention of another can make it seem like you’re ten feet off the ground. “You will always be my favorite form of loving,” goes one line from the short and sweet album closer. The rework includes all forms of pronouns, allowing for anyone, regardless of sexuality or gender, to relate to the hooky track.

Right before the new lyric video premiered on YouTube, Tegan and Sara chatted with Beach Bunny vocalist and guitarist Lili Trifilio about avoiding the pressure of fans who comment on musicians’ “change in sound,” and their latest collab. Sara also tells a story about a lizard and how judgmental her cat is of her music.

Watch their chat and the new lyric video below.


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