Twin Shadow Reflects on a Glamorous, Fiery Fling on New Track “Alemania”

It’s the second single from the anticipated follow-up to 2018s Caer.

George Lewis Jr., who makes music under the name Twin Shadow, is gearing up to release his follow-up album to 2018’s Caer. Over the past couple years, he’s dropped one-off singles and worked with Duval Timothy on the excellent Help. Last month we got an official look at the musician’s fifth album with the sun-kissed “Johnny & Jonnie.” Now, we get his second single, “Alemania,” which flirts with ’70s psych-rock and funk. The guitarist tweeted that it’s “a toast to the good times in Germany and the Dominican Republic.”

Raw guitar strums open up the track as swirly synths caress Lewis Jr.’s forward vocals. One great line goes, “We were healthy / And looked like a couple of porn stars / From the 1970s,” giving us the indiction that this grand love affair was gaudy with lipstick-smeared glamour. There’s also a strutting guitar solo and lush backing vocals by the talented, soulful singer Kadhja Bonet.

Check it out below.


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