Jordana and Magdalena Bay Get Lost in an Arcade Vortex in New “Push Me Away” Video

The single was produced by MELVV and Jai Wolf.

Jordana and Magdalena Bay‘s Mica Tenenbaum are a match made in gritty synthpop heaven on the new single “Push Me Away,” produced by MELVV and Jai Wolf. Over a fuzzy bass line that nestles up against ’70s rock keyboards, “Push Me Away” captures Jordana’s skill for fuzzy, melodic rock and Magdalena Bay’s effervescent electro-pop, along with slender vocals that almost feel a bit Grimes-y. For a second, it’s easy to get lost in the productional harmony without noting the open-wounded lyrics. “Why did you do that to me? You’re lacking serious empathy,” Jordana sings during the chorus—a line that I very badly need tattooed on my body or, well maybe, embroidered on something somewhere.

“’Push Me Away’ is a song written about one of my past friendships,” Jordana shared in a press statement. “It was an extremely strenuous friendship with a major push/pull dynamic—this song is basically a stream of consciousness reflection on the experience.”

With the help of Magdalena Bay, Jordana turns a stressed relationship into a bulging pop song. Even the track’s video is cathartic fun. Directed by Magdalena Bay, both Jordana and Tenenbaum are sucked into an otherworldly digital realm filled with every color laser and an abundance of angel wings. It’s like if Ed Hardy and Lisa Prank had a child; it’s great.

Watch the video below and support the musicians here.


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