Dana and the Wolf Make the Best of Bad Situations on “It’s Too Late”

The track arrives ahead of the Burbank-based duo’s debut LP LA Fade.

While it isn’t uncommon for an artist to pen a debut album inspired by the ungraceful transition to life in LA, it’s a little less common to hear them also cover their attempt to ease into a non-monogamous lifestyle. Such is the promise of the debut album from Burbank-via-Chicago’s Dana and the Wolf, a pop duo comprised of two romantic partners in an open relationship, aiming to channel the turmoil of that aspect of their lives into LA Fade.

The latest track from that project arrives today with the grandiose art-pop hit “It’s Too Late,” which blends acoustic and orchestral sounds with enormous percussive hits. “‘It’s Too Late’ is a great intro to the whole album because it was sort of the first failed experience we had seriously dating people outside of each other,” Dana shares. “Things jumped between amazing and horribly wrong and you get to witness it all! Come see the shit show that is Dana and the Wolf.”

“I wrote ‘It’s Too Late’ by mouth because my hands were injured for three months,” adds Daniel—presumably the titular wolf—regarding how the instrumental foundation for the track was just as rocky. “In a way, it was freeing to make whatever sounds I wanted, but then again replacing the sounds with real instruments was a total nightmare.”

Watch the duo exaggerate the highs and lows of romantic relationships in the video below.


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