On “Love Me,” Mykki Blanco Examines Love’s Alchemy with Jamila Woods and Jay Cue

Blanco’s mini-album Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep is out June 18 on Transgressive.

Last month, Mykki Blanco returned with news that there was plenty of new music on the way: They dropped the celebratory single “Free Ride” and tweeted that two new albums were coming via Transgressive Records. Today we get the official news of the first mini-album titled Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep, along with a new single “Love Me” that features Jamila Woods and Jay Cue.

“Love Me” continues Blanco’s investigation of love, and the elements it requires to maintain its precious structure. It ranges from something as simple as leaving the last fry for someone to being as complicated as letting yourself become vulnerable, giving them your trust. In a statement, Blanco said that the track is about “many forms of love, patience, trust, time. It is about the potion that is created when you sift through the ingredients that create ‘love,’ the alchemy we as human beings take part in to convey these feelings deep inside of us.”

Woods’ vocals come in during the song’s chorus. Her voice is smooth and confident as she sings, “You give me a feeling that I’ve got to follow.” Blanco added his admiration for the Chicago singer: “Jamila really comprises a lot of elements creatively that I just find awesome. Her soothing, soulful and folkloric voice is reminiscent of great musicians like Janis Ian or Joni Mitchell. I was completely drawn into Jamila’s leaning towards crafting songs with strong lyricism, poetry and themes exploring self-love, intimacy, Black pride, power and vulnerability.” Later, Blanco’s brother Jay Cue comes in as the percussion picks up.

“His section of the song he wrote himself and he poured himself into it heart and soul,” Blanco added. “That day working with my brother impressed me so much because it was like seeing my own creativity, our family bond, his intense creative force just all coming together and it was extremely emotional for me and it really cemented for me what ‘Love Me’ is about.”

“Love Me” is the second glimpse at how collaborator-heavy this forthcoming album is. Other tracks will include Blood Orange, Big Freedia, and Kari Faux. While we still have a couple months till Broken Hearts & Beauty Sleep drops (it’s out June 18) check out “Love Me” below.


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