Watch SHAED Play “Part Time Psycho” and “Trampoline” in Arlington, Virginia for “Neighborhoods”

The DC trio performs outside Chelsea Lee’s grandparents’ house.

It’s been three years since the three members of SHAED’s lives were turned upside down by the surprise success of their single “Trampoline,” but last month the band consisting of Chelsea Lee, her husband Spencer Ernst, and Spencer’s brother Max announced the debut record on which that track will appear. High Dive arrives May 14 via Photo Finish, and the news also came with with another powerful single in the form of the thumping and slightly sinister “Part Time Psycho.” 

Ahead of that record’s release, the DC band headed out to Arlington, Virginia to film a “Neighborhoods” set for us outside Lee’s grandparents’ house. Both of the aforementioned tracks are present and accounted for, stripped down to the three-piece’s vocals, two acoustic guitars, and the occasional whistled accompaniment on “Trampoline.” Watch the performance below.


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