It’s Easy to Get Wrapped Up In Mewn’s Spiraling “I See It Now, Pt. 1”

Its the latest song from their forthcoming debut EP Landscapes Unchanged.

The latest single from Manchester’s Mewn—Daniel Bluer, Rachel Bell, Matthew Protz, Daniel Johnson, and Daniel Cowman—is a curious trek. “I See It Now, Pt. 1” opens with foggy reverb and distortion stuffed far in the background as Bluer’s vocals recount some sort of clarity. “Your words / They didn’t touch me / I’m afraid they didn’t touch me,” he eerily sings in the opening verse. “A sympathetic face,” he grumbles before the chorus, “But it’s alright.” At first there’s a disconnection, something lost along the way. Then, suddenly, a new understanding appears like a dud firework finally set free. During the chorus, “I See It Now, Pt. 1” jauntily picks up, determined that a change in point of view will easily bring reconciliation.

Bluer gave us some insight into the track: “I think it’s the most straight forward, guitar driven song on the record and also the heaviest. Lyrically it feels like a collage of thoughts brought about in times of unease, frustration and  anxiety. Catharsis and release are never far from these feelings though and that’s definitely in there too. I think to bring seemingly opposing sounds and feelings together is something we are interested in; the interplay of darkness and light, joy and sadness and so on.”

The proggy, psychedelic trip follows their debut single “No Country,” which ventured more into the post-punk, dream-pop territory. “I See It Now, Pt. 1,” is evidence that the five-piece have a varied dynamism to their work. Their debut EP Landscapes Unchanged is set for release next month.


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