Goth Babe Gets Candid About Van Life and Suffering From PTSD in Short Film “Tides”

We also get an acoustic version of “Sometimes,” along with an introduction to his dog Sadie.

Several years ago, Griffin Washburn began posting tracks under the name Goth Babe, a moniker that he explained helped him not take things too seriously. Some of his earliest tracks like “Topanga,” “Car Camping,” or even 2015’s “Wasted Time” illustrate how the outdoorsy musician is inspired from gritty, old school punk to trippy sample-based surf rock. In his latest short documentary “Tides,” Washburn reveals he’s a bit of a vagabond who loves to surf, committing himself to music and making enough money to survive rather than hoping to achieve fame by going viral.

It wasn’t until his euphoric track “Sometimes,” which caught some critical acclaim, that Washburn realized his dream of riding around in his van and making music on inspirational whims could be a reality. However, things took an unforeseen dark turn after his glow up when he was held up at gunpoint. This short film gives us a candid look at how Washburn suffers from the PTSD that followed, and how a furry friend came to his aid when he needed a companion most. We also get a look at his updated tiny home he he built outside Portland, Oregon.

“‘Sometimes’ was the first song I released that started to get some attention so it’s an amazing opportunity to reimagine the song for this short-film release that tells more of my story overall,” said Goth Babe in a statement. “I’m hoping my experience with mental health can normalize terms like ptsd, anxiety and depression in our society. I’m also hoping the folks watching will feel empowered to seek help if needed.”

Check out the inspiring short below and stream/support Goth Babe here.

The Amazon Original version of “Sometimes” is out now here.


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