Hovvdy’s Charlie Martin Drops New Album Along with Video for Highlight “September”

His debut solo album Imaginary People is out today.

Hovvdy was born when Texas artist and producer Charlie Martin began collaborating with Will Taylor. Together, they released two great albums, including the recent 2019 album Heavy Lifter. Well, two years and a pandemic flew by (sort of, not really) and during that funky time, Martin dug into his own solo creations. Today, he’s surprise-released his solo debut album Imaginary People.

The lead single from the album is titled September,” which comes with a friendly little music video of Martin singing and walking around in golden hour sunlight. “‘September’ is about commitment and staying on track. It takes a lot of courage to chase a dream,” he said of the track. “Sometimes you gotta pump yourself up.”

He continued “I’ve always found it therapeutic to weave fictional characters into songs, folding them into my own real or imaginary experiences. Usually, the character is someone I can help, or maybe they can help me—someone I empathize with and can learn from. I want people to hear the songs and feel comforted or lifted up. That’s always my goal.”

Watch the video for “September” below. Stream Imaginary People here.


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