Kathleen Hanna Joins Solidarity Not Silence on New Track “This Is Sisterhood”

Members of The Tuts, Petrol Girls, and Personal Best detail the long battle against an alleged abuser.

In 2016, several musicians came forward with abuse allegations about King Blues’ Jonny Fox. He’s been accused of emotional abuse and domestic abuse, and been called a sexual predator. Fox has denied the accusations and, in 2019, filed a libel claim for up to $60,000. As The Guardian pointed out, this case, “which has reached the high court, is an example of the clash between Britain’s defamation laws and the MeToo movement.”

Now, those musicians who came forward about Fox—including members of The Tuts, Personal Best, Color Me Wednesday, and Petrol Girls—have come together under the name Solidarity Not Silence. They’ve shared a track, which features a live speech of support from Kathleen Hanna, titled “This Is Sisterhood.”

Years later, instead of accountability and justice, the survivors have wracked up legal fees and a growing fear for their safety and mental health. They’re using their music as a beacon of solidarity, and to raise money for the surmounting legal fees. “We need to keep fighting even though we do not have the same power, fame or financial backing as [Fox], as we do not believe that money should be a barrier to accessing justice. We refuse to be silenced and we believe we must pursue justice,” they told Brooklyn Vegan.  They said that they “do not want our case to set a precedent for silencing marginalized voices in the music industry and beyond.”

Watch the “This Is Sisterhood” video below. You can check out their crowdfunding page here and support their music here.


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