Flight Facilities Join Forces with Channel Tres on New Single “Lights Up”

Its their second release of the year, following their recent remix of Blu DeTigers “Vintage.”

Flight Facilities are releasing their second track of the year (following their remix of Blu DeTiger’s single “Vintage”) and it’s a collab with dance floor connoisseur Channel Tres. It’s titled “Lights Up”—sadly not a cover of Harry Styles’ lead single from 2019’s Fine Line, but it will definitely get you in the mood to be flailing your limbs and booty about. The Australian duo teamed up with the Compton, CA producer-singer-rapper for a dance floor stunner that’s equal parts slick and sophisticated. Not gonna lie, it has some Yello vibes.

It opens with scattered chatter, the kind of muffled chaos you hear right before you enter a busy club. Tres’ vocals shimmer with a cool and collected sense of excitement as he narrates, “When the bass slide / And the city lights up.” And as soon as he’s riding up to the party, he’s in and out and headed home.

Flight Facilities shared some words about the track: “We’ve always loved the sound of the early Detroit House scene that crossed over with the Paradise Garage era. Combined with our love for Channel’s voice, it seemed like a perfect fit. His voice has a magical ability to make songs that are made for strutting. We felt it was important to keep enough of our sound and influence in the track, to avoid it sounding too derivative, so we wanted to include some ’90s and ’00s elements to give the song its own character.”

Hear it below.


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