UgLi Get Scrambled in a Maze of Reflections in Their Video for “Bad Egg”

The track arrives ahead of the quartet’s debut album FUCK, out June 18.

UgLi are a punk/hardcore quartet from Philly and South Jersey consisting of guitarist/vocalist Dylyn Durante, bassist Lucas Gisonti, guitarist Andrew Iannarelli, and drummer Teddy Paullin. Their debut album FUCK is coming out June 18, and their harrowing single “Bad Egg” is an electrifying representation of the group’s guitar-based skills and their willingness to be emotionally raw—even when it comes to slimy brain goop.

“I don’t want to cry anymore / Well I’ve been waiting my whole damn life for just this moment,” Durante sings during the chorus. Guitars tear and claw around her vocals. Although “Bad Egg” is an exegesis of frustration, a cathartic reflection of not recognizing one’s own reflection, there never seems to be a sense of relief. Durante sings in a pink slip, giving Hole meets Carrie vibes, and sits at a mirrored vanity that flashes both glamorous and distressed reflections. One potent image finds the mirror reflecting a triptych displaying two reflections of her in large blue sunglasses, while the one in the middle sees her stroking a knife against her throat; it captures the collision of emotions that lead to an internal collapse—an egg’s fragile shell cracked with its insides exposed, leaking out.

Watch “Bad Egg” below and follow the group here.


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