Watch Big Freedia and Elohim Strut

“Fuck the sidewalk / It's a runway.”

Singer-songwriter-producer Elohim and the Queen of Bounce Big Freedia have combined their powers on the track “Strut” to turn any ol’ slab of concrete into a sleek runway. “If you walk into the 7/11, you better make that motherfucker look like the runway,” commands Freedia. No matter if you’re picking up a slushee or making your way downtown, you better be fucking fierce. On “Strut,” Big Freedia and Elohim remind us that our imagination and ferocious confidence can transform any atmosphere or tame any vicious hater.

Elohim explained that the track “is a daily reminder to all of us, myself included, that the power we hold within ourselves is infinite. It’s a story of self-discovery and I feel proud, excited, and empowered to share a record like this. I want to inspire others to own who they are, celebrate their uniqueness, and shine their wonderful light to the world! Working with Big Freedia on ‘Strut’ makes the song even more meaningful. Her music and story have inspired and continues to inspire humans all over the world. ” Big Freedia added, “Elohim is something else. I was so excited to get to work with her. ‘Strut’ is about owning your attitude, no matter who you are!”

Check out “Strut” below.


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