Watch Homeschool Play “Satisfied” in Brooklyn with the Help of Overcoats for “Neighborhoods”

Tom D’Agustino takes his Homeschool: Book I single to Greenpoint’s Msgr. McGolrick Park.

After his former project Active Bird Community dissolved, Tom D’Agustino kept busy throughout the pandemic with the new project Homeschool, through which he’s already released an EP entitled Homeschool: Book I. The project notably features a guest spot from Samia and a remix courtesy of Bartees Strange, while the lush EP track “Satisfied” also took on a new life earlier this year with an acoustic version featuring the duo Overcoats.

It’s this version of the track Homeschool recreated for his “Neighborhoods” set, sitting on a bench with his acoustic guitar in Greenpoint’s Msgr. McGolrick Park. To complete the experience, Overcoats beamed in their vocals recorded in their homes nearby in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Watch their smooth collaboration below.


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