Watch Kandle Play “Misty Morning” in Vancouver for “Neighborhoods”

Singer/songwriter Kandle Osborne performs her latest single from Set the Fire with assistance from a couple friends.

“Misty Morning,” the latest single from Canadian songwriter Kandle’s forthcoming album Set the Fire, is a love song in the purest sense. What the artist refers to as her first real love song wasn’t conceived over the course of a long night of plumbing the depths of her love life, or over the course of a romantic relationship, but instead quickly jotted down on a napkin while she was in Italy and feeling “truly happy.” When she coos the line “No one’s ever wanted me to stay before” on the gentle piano ballad, you can tell the experience she’s recounting was meaningful.

For “Neighborhoods,” Kandle performed the song instead on acoustic guitar with backing vocals and additional strings provided by two friends. The performance took place in a backyard in Vancouver, with the sun slowly setting behind the trio. Watch the performance below, and expect Set the Fire out next Friday, May 28.


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