WATCH: Amy Schumer Teams Up with Judd Apatow in First Trailer for “Trainwreck” (NSFW)

Bill Hader, Vanessa Bayer, and LeBron James (?) co-star in Apatow’s latest directorial venture

In the strange and neurotic comedic empire that Judd Apatow has built up in the last ten years or so (which will soon include the new Pee-wee Herman movie), the writer/producer/director has actually only directed four films, all of them written or co-written by himself.

Perhaps in a move to shake things up, Apatow had no involvement in the writing of his fifth feature, Trainwreck, which was written entirely by its star, Amy Schumer.

It certainly seems like a different type of project for the director, but given the film’s supposed inclusion of this incredible Daniel Radcliffe cameo, it actually seems like it could shape out alright.

Check out the first red-band trailer (in which LeBron James gets testy over Downton Abbey) below.

Trainwreck is out July 17 nationwide.


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