Molly Burch Sings About Unheeded Love (and Holds Baby Goats) in “Heart of Gold” Video

The video arrives ahead of her forthcoming album Romantic Images, out July 23 via Captured Tracks.

Molly Burch released a stellar album in 2018 called First Flower. This year she’s releasing the follow-up Romantic Images on July 23. The newest single is called “Heart of Gold,” which comes with a twee video featuring lots of baby goats.

“Heart of Gold” is a subdued rock track that finds Burch contemplating the stresses of unfulfilled desire. “All I ever wanted was your love / I treat it like my job,” she muses. The singer-songwriter said of the song, “‘Heart of Gold’ is the confident, unrequited love anthem on the record. It’s a mix of pure desperation and extreme confidence. It’s like, um, I’m amazing, why don’t you love me?”

The directed by Jordan Moser, the video features Burch in a quaint tea party setup, recalling something between Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden. There’s also a man, possibly the one Burch pines for, that dances with an axe. It’s silly and light like Cool Whip. Also, did I mention the baby goats?

Watch “Heart of Gold” below and pre-order Romantic Images here.


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