Watch Willa Amai Perform Tracks off Her Debut Album for “Neighborhoods”

The singer-songwriter plays "Not a Soldier" and "Too Close" outside Linda Perry's studio in Los Angeles.

Willa Amai is barely through the brunt of her teen years, and the talented seventeen-year-old songwriter has been mentored by Linda Perry, who sees her as a prolific, skilled answer to music’s future. She released her debut album I Can Go To Bed Whenever last week,  performed alongside legendary singer-songwriters Dolly Parton and Brandi Carlisle (to whom she’s been compared to), and acted as an ambassador for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Amai’s vulnerable, chest-gripping songwriting is what drew Perry to produce the musician’s first full-length, lending her experience to an artist she believes in 150%.

Erasing a layer of polished production, Amai performs outside her mentor Linda Perry’s studio with the lush greenery reflecting off the top of her piano. Her stripped back performance emphasizes the vulnerable core of her songs. Watch her performance of  “Not a Soldier” and “Too Close” below.


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