Perfume Genius and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Recreate Richard Youngs’ “A Fullness Of Light In Your Soul”

This is a Mindfulness Drill is out June 25 via Jagjaguwar.

This year record label Jagjaguwar is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and they’ve separated their celebration into four parts. The first was dubbed Dilate Your Heart, which featured the collaboration between poet Ross Gay and artists such as Bon Iver, Gia Margaret, and Mary Lattimore. The latest installment is titled This is a Mindfulness Drill, which is out June 25 and features a full-length tribute to Richard Youngs’ formative solo album Sapphie by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, along with vocals by Moses Sumney and Sharon Van Etten. Today, we get to hear the gorgeous rendition of Youngs’ “A Fullness Of Light In Your Soul” featuring Perfume Genius.

“I recorded this cover while deep in quarantine,” Perfume Genius revealed in a press statement. “Working on it brought a really welcome energy, I went fully into songworld and put reality on hold for a moment. It’s a big song too, so I got to stay there for a while. Both the original and the arrangement by the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble have a truly hypnotic and almost mystical quality, while singing it I tried to stay hyper-present and thought of it like we were all casting one long spell.”

Experience it below and pre-order This is a Mindfulness Drill, including an extended meditation version by ambient artist Emily A. Sprague, here.



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