illuminati hotties Announce New Album and Declare “Pool Hopping” Summer

The album Let Me Do One More is out October 1 via Snack Shack Tracks.

Sarah Tudzin, who makes music as illuminati hotties, has had a rough couple years when it comes to shitty labels not paying artists and respecting their creative output. But recently, she united with Hopeless Records to create her own label imprint Snack Shack Tracks and released her first music since 2020’s contract-killing and acclaimed album FREE I.H.: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting ForAnd if the grand reemergence with “MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA” wasn’t obvious, let’s put it this way: illuminati hotties isn’t going anywhere.

Today, she’s shared a new track “Pool Hopping,” along with the news of her next album titled Let Me Do One More. Tudzin said in a statement about the forthcoming LP, “The songs tell a story of my gremlin-ass running around LA, sneaking into pools at night, messing up and starting over, begging for attention for one second longer, and asking the audience to let me do one more.”

Tudzin also announced, “It’s POOL HOPPING SUMMER.” She continued, “I’m so stoked to have grilled up a splashy new song & music video (directed by Katie Neuhof) to soundtrack your wettest & wildest parties to date. This track is for when it’s hot, you’re crushing on someone new, and your adventure senses are tingling. Come on in, the water’s fine!!!”

The track is hoisted by curving electric guitar and pounding drums. “They said the water’s warm / But I’m not sure if you and I are over over over over,” she sings leading to the chorus. “So I’m pool hopping,” she declares determinedly. Elsewhere, Tudzin paints striking images: spitting teeth, scooping ice cream into a bare hand, someone who’s twisted like an ampersand. It’s visceral, maybe a little gross, and absolutely what makes Tudzin’s writing great. The track’s accompanying video is filled with choreographed swimming, sk8ters, and pool hopping (duh). It’s the irreverent anthem perfect to visualize that hot vax summer everyone’s been tweeting about.

Watch “Pool Hopping” below and pre-order Let Me Do One More here.


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