Yves Tumor Takes Us to Another Planet to Battle Heartache in “Jackie” Video

Its their first single since 2020’s Heaven to a Tortured Mind.

Anyone who says rock is dead clearly hasn’t heard of Yves Tumor—an experimental, ominous rock icon for the times. Today, Tumor has released the first single since their 2020 album Heaven to a Tortured Mind. It’s called “Jackie,” and it’s filled with soaring melodies, a boom-bap drum beat, and distorted guitars that clash during the chorus like lightning rods. The track was co-written and produced by Chris Greatti.

On “Jackie,” Tumor can’t eat or sleep in these apocalyptic times. It’s unclear if it’s the pandemic life or devastating heartache that they sing about. “I said hey Jackie, baby / When you rest your mind, do you think of me?” Tumor sings. In the accompanying video directed and produced by Actual Objects, Tumor takes us to another planet—or maybe it’s earth when us deplorable humans have finally finished our damage? Tumor’s face get replaced at times by deepfake technology that further questions the surreal world “Jackie” inhabits. There, they meet their match with a guitar deity that battles them with dazzling blows.

Actual Objects said in a press release, “We loved collaborating with Yves Tumor on ‘Jackie’—we’ve been massive fans for years. Their work is always so forward looking, and has always been a major inspiration for us. ‘Jackie’ was a chance for us to dig deep into our toolkit and work with some of our most experimental techniques.”

Watch it all below.


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