The Killers and Bruce Springsteen Head to “Dustland” for an Epic Duet

The collaboration is a new rendition of 2008’s “A Dustland Fairytale” from The Killers’ Day & Age.

The Killers and Bruce Springsteen have joined forces for “Dustland,” which is a new rendition of The Killers’ 2008 “A Dustland Fairytale.” In an Instagram post, frontman Brandon Flowers shared the story of how the duet came to be: It was at the brink of the pandemic when touring artists were performing their music at their own risk. Although the rollout for their last album Imploding the Mirage was meant to have a “a rocket launch, stadium shaking, saliva-inducing tour run,” the band was sent home early to the delight of Flowers’ wife, and even the singer himself expresses relief. As Flowers is about to find his plane’s gate, he gets a text from an unknown number, which yes, turns out to be Springsteen.

He wrote, “Around the time I find my gate, I start getting some texts from a number I don’t have marked in my phone. ‘Watching Glastonbury. You guys have become one hellacious live band my brother! Love the gold suit! We gotta do Dustland one day.’ Signed off with: ‘Bruce.'” With some sleuthing, Flowers discovers that the sweet message was not a cruel joke from friends, or a message from Bruce Hornsby.

Flowers also writes about losing his mother to cancer when she was 64 years old in 2010. “Dustland Fairytale” was written in the middle of her battle. “It was an attempt to better understand my dad, who is sometimes a mystery to me. To grieve for my mother. To acknowledge their sacrifices and maybe even catch a glimpse of just how strong love needs to be to make it in this world. It was my therapy. It was cathartic,” he shared.

You can read Flowers’ full statement and listen to the epic duet below.


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