Watch Cavetown Play “Juliet” and “Sharpener” in London for “Neighborhoods”

On the heels of his new Man’s Best Friend EP, Robin Skinner performs two tracks from his backyard.

It feels like no coincidence that bedroom pop took on significantly more widespread appeal once YouTube channels eclipsed the popularity of those on television with the egalitarian medium showcasing the talents of teen creators across the world. One such early adopter of the video platform as a career launching point is Robin Skinner, whose music as Cavetown took off nearly a decade ago when Skinner was just 14. Now 22, the London-based songwriter has just unleashed one of his most impressive accomplishments to date with the self-written, -recorded, and -produced Man’s Best Friend EP.

It’s from this release that Skinner picked “Sharpener” to perform during his recent “Neighborhoods” set, which he preceded with the longtime-favorite “Juliet” from 2018’s Sandy. You can watch him perform both tracks from his backyard in London in the video below.


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