Maddie Ross Gets Revenge in Video for New Post-Breakup Tune “Ears Bunny”

The thundering single arrives shortly after the dancy May-released “Vroom Vroom.”

Even after watching Maddie Ross suddenly burst onto the scene in 2019 with her uniquely earnest collection of queer-love rock songs, nothing quite prepares you for the fire-and-brimstone edge of her latest single, the post-breakup, riff-heavy “Ears Bunny.” What starts as a minimal—albeit cheeky—synth-pop number erupts into a guitar-heavy chorus recalling the pop/hard-rock dynamic of Sleigh Bells with Ross’ vocal delivery landing somewhere between the recent vengeful output of illuminati hotties and dollar sign–era Kesha. 

The subject of the track likely isn’t unfamiliar to most—the feeling that follows the five stages of post-breakup grief: pity for your ex’s new partner. “I hope this song makes people feel powerful, feel some catharsis, and maybe enjoy a little revenge with the twist in the final chorus,” Ross shares of the song. 

Additionally, Ross has set up an official Ears Bunny website where her fans can go to air their own grievances with past partners (as well as a phone number where you can leave a voicemail). Check that out at the link above, and watch the video below.


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