Courting Share Their Picks for the 10 Best Kanye West Tracks

The Liverpool-based group back-up their Yeezy namedrop on Grand National with a playlist.

Courting are a post-punk group based in Liverpool, and they have many thoughts about Kanye West. In fact, the quartet referenced him on their debut EP Grand National with their chaotic, taunting single “Crass.” And I guess,some people were pretty annoyed with it? Maybe they were irritated by West’s cultural over-saturation? Maybe some people really think British people shouldn’t comment on American pop culture?

Anyway, the musicians reached out to us to share that they know a thing or two about the rapper who has named himself a god and then made a gospel album about that other one who birthed Jesus, so to speak. “On a song from our debut EP, we referenced a lyric from The Life of Pablo,” the band explains. “Since then, we’ve annoyed several Americans who’ve commented saying that British artists need to be stopped from namedropping Kanye in lyrics. In lieu of that, here are our favorite tracks from his discography.”

Check out their picks and what they had to say about them below.

1. “We Don’t Care”

“If this is your first time hearing this / You are about to experience something so cold, man,” is one of the coolest introductory meta lines to any album I’ve heard.

2. “On Sight”

Another opening track and maybe my personal favorite. From the distorted 808s to the uncomfortably misplaced sample, which slows the track to a halt. His commitment to doing whatever he wants and making random artistic left turns is really impressive to me. Bonus points for the Daft Punk beat.

3. “Ghost Town”

…and nothing hurts anymore, I feel kind of freeeeeeeeee.

4. “Spaceship”

I love this song—the hook is so catchy and it’s so obvious how personal it is.

5. “New Slaves”

Another one from Yeezus, this song is really fucking heavy until, for some reason, Frank Ocean comes in with an outro that’s almost tear-jerking.

6. “No Mistakes”

A near perfect pop song.

7. “All of the Lights”

Why is Elton John featuring? We love this song and the decision that was made to just namedrop different types of light in the chorus.

8. “Family Business”

One of our favorite songs on The College Dropout, just really sentimental and lovely.

9. “No More Parties in LA”

Kanye + Kendrick + Madlib = really good—probably one of Kanye’s best lyrical performances in a while.

10. “Bound 2”

Famous music video aside, great song. Ending Yeezus with this is such a left turn, too, after 38 minutes of music much more abrasive than anything he had previously tried his hand at. Sugary-sweet, funny, and captivating.


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