Watch Birdy Play Two Tracks in Southern England’s The New Forest for “Neighborhoods”

The U.K.-based songwriter performs “Second Hand News” and the title track from her new album Young Heart in her backyard.

Birdy dropped her fourth album, Young Heart, back in April, which despite its title pays homage to the folk balladry of artists prominently featured in your parents’ record collection such as Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake. The artist hasn’t been shy about name-dropping such influences in interviews (spoken or drawn), and even makes explicit reference to both artists in her recent “Neighborhoods” set she recorded for us in her backyard in South East England’s The New Forest—the perfect setting for such idyllic sounds.

The video sees her tackling “Second Hand News” and “Young Heart,” both from her new album, on piano with a placid body of water and gently fluttering greenery in the background. Between songs we even get a glimpse of some pets—a dog and her duck, Petrie (yes, that’s a Land Before Time reference). Watch the full video below.


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