Magdalena Bay Gives Us a Glimpse of Their First Album with “Chaeri”

The duos debut Mercurial World is out October 8 via Luminelle.

Over the past few years, pop duo Magdalena Bay have released three EPs that showcase their dedication to agile dance music that quenches any thirst for an endorphin boost. Today, they’ve announced their debut album titled Mercurial World, which is out October 8 on Luminelle Records. Our first glance at this fully formed luminescent universe that Mica Tenenbaum and Matt Lewin have created is called “Chaeri.”

The sleek dance track opens with Tenenbaum revealing past regrets over a plump, pulsing drumbeat. The track slowly births layers of synths and electronic embellishments as she becomes more confident in how she’d change the past. “If I could do it all again, I would have said / Chaeri, please, you’re killing me / It’s only that bad if you tell yourself you’ll never get out of bed,” she sings achingly. The accompanying video gives us a sense that Mercurial World is a universe of their own making. It’s both eerie and enticing, chaotic and bursting—a place where time isn’t linear.

“‘Chaeri’ muses on mental health, friendship, loneliness, and control. It’s about the walls we put up and the walls we should tear down for the sake of authentic connection, and Mica’s own personal difficulties with that,” the band said. “We tried taking these themes and elevating them to build a big, dark world with unsettling undertones.”

Watch the video below, and pre-order Mercurial World here.


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