Logic1000 Shares Two Balmy Dance Floor Remedies

“Safe in My Arms” and “YourLove” follow the Berlin-based producer’s EP You’ve Got the Whole Night to Go.

Earlier this year, Berlin-based producer Samantha Poulter released another critically beloved project as Logic1000You’ve Got the Whole Night to Go was a reminder that dance music can be a necessary escape, even when there was no end in sight for the pandemic. Today, Logic1000 has returned with another soothing pair of tracks “Safe in My Arms” and “Your Love,” which draw from garage and deep house.

“Safe in My Arms” is a drifting, atmospheric track that is the equivalent to bathing in the sun after a dip in the lake. It’s balmy and warm, whereas “Your Love” feels like a cathartic night jog. Both tracks are comforting remedies for any person to get lost in movement, an eased return to the dance floor in an overwhelming world.

Listen to both below.


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