Syd Makes a Getaway for Love in the Video for Her New Single “Fast Car”

The new song follows her February single “Missing Out.”

This past February, Syd released “Missing Out,” her latest solo recording since her 2017 album Fin. Today, she’s returned with another single called “Fast Car,” which is a funky little number about unapologetically making love in a car. Following in the footsteps of another artist who made superb, sexy songs about love and cars, it has heavy Prince vibes.

Whether she’s referring to racist homophobes or PDA-haters (or both), Syd wants the world to see. Or rather, she isn’t concerned about the outside world, lusting for a love uninterrupted. “Don’t care that they beeping now / Hope they’re all watching,” she sings in confident, silvery coos. Later, there’s some earnest ’80s piano bits and steamy drums. Oh, and don’t miss that gripping guitar solo. It all melts together, the summer heat soaking up the car’s space, skin on skin vibrating with beads of sweat. “I wanted to make something for the gay Black girls,” Syd shared in a statement. “I want them to see themselves in this and in me.”

The sweet and sun-blazing video, directed by Ethan Nelson and Graham Epstein, finds Syd riding up into the canyons for a moment to take things to the next level with a lover, when a friend runs by awkwardly on a hiking trail. It’s funny, but it also doesn’t take long before the two lovers are back in each other’s arms.

Watch it below.


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