Colleen Green Reminds Herself That Kindness Is Hard Work on “It’s Nice to Be Nice”

Her new album Cool is out September 10 via Hardly Art.

LA rocker Colleen Green has a new album coming out called Cool. We’ve already got the great lead single “I Wanna Be a Dog,” and now we have its follow-up, “It’s Nice to Be Nice.” The garage rock track is a reminder that, well, kindness goes a long way. “All I ever wanted was to be kind / These days I feel like I’m losing my mind,” she sings with sugary harmonies before asking frustratedly, “I recite and memorize my lines / Why do I need a reminder?”

On “It’s Nice to Be Nice,” Green is aware of the societal dance that makes up common niceties. But after a year of being a recluse in a world that’s constantly unveiling new cruelties, Green’s grungy pop song touches on a still-healing bruise: Niceness and sympathy are acts that have to be practiced, and while they go a long way, it’s hard sometimes. We’re all grumpy and going through it, but don’t allow misery its company.

The song comes with a video directed by Renee Lusano, which features Green on a sailboat off the Los Angeles coast—watch it below, and pre-order Cool here.


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