Polo & Pan’s Favorite Contemporary French Artists

On the heels of their second studio album, the Parisian duo shares a playlist of their favorite French peers.
Polo & Pan’s Favorite Contemporary French Artists

On the heels of their second studio album, the Parisian duo shares a playlist of their favorite French peers.

Words: Kim March

photo by Joe Cruz

July 19, 2021

As the unique sounds of Paul Armand Delille and Alex Pan’s second studio album of tropical house under the moniker Polo & Pan continue to climb charts following the release of Cyclorama late last month, the pair is quick to point to their native France as a hotbed of like-minded artists on the cusp of a similar global stardom. While the hypnotic, sunset electropop heard throughout their new LP—at one point featuring the in-demand American export Channel Tres—often sounds entirely singular, a deeper dive into the country’s dance scene offers a bit of context for their exotic sounds.

Most of the music on P&P’s playlist may tap into the traditional, subtle sounds of French pop rather than leaning into the realm of South American tropicalia, but it can still be easy to see why Delille and Pan are proud to call them fellow countrymen. You can stream the full playlist below—and as on Cyclorama, keep an ear out for a cameo from a familiar American vocalist.

November Ultra, “Miel” 

A beautiful Adele-like voice combined with a fascinating, crazy musical style, and a brilliant music video from our friends Zite and Léo—I love it.

Faux Real, “Kindred Spirit” 

Two brothers, two oddballs. I was marked by their live performance, their singular world, and the symbiosis that drives them.

Kids Return, “Melody”

I was drawn by the name of the track we share with this band! Total love at first listen—you can hear all the harmonious heritage of the French touch from Air to Daft Punk, you can imagine yourself travelling in a Sofia Coppola movie.  

L’impératrice, “Anomalie bleu”

Our friends, our studio neighbors—very talented people, no need to introduce them anymore. Coming back with a superb album, it was hard to choose only one track.

Lewis OfMan, “Attitude”

We shared a lot of tour dates with Lewis, including a U.S. tour, so we know each other very well! I played this track a lot to open my last sets before the pandemic. It reminds me how good the clubs were…10/10 for its groove.

Myd, “Moving Men” 

Myd is a friend, Myd is very nice. Myd is talented too, through his whistles and his successful album. I go around Paris, thanking life.

Papooz, “About Felix” 

While awaiting news from our friends the Papooz, I couldn’t avoid mentioning them as they are part of our core group. A fan since the first time I heard them play live, and we’ve been friends ever since.

La Femme, “Mon ami” 

What I love about La Femme is the art of crafting music around an album—the storytelling and the rhythm of the paradigm is incredible. I’m merely speaking as a fan.

Benjamin Epps, “Notorious” 

Being a big fan of old school french rap such as Time Bomb, Mafia K-1 Fry, or Les Sages Poètes de la Rue, coming across this unique prodigy, this genius, reminded me how much better rap was tomorrow.

Oracle Sisters, “Asc. scorpion”

Not quite new, already a year old, but this song is just sublime—and I’m a scorpion, so I wanted to place it. Shower them with love.